Allergy & Intolerance

What can our specialists do for you?

Food intolerances are commonplace and can manifest at any time in life, but they often go undiagnosed for years, with symptoms being misattributed to other common medical conditions. If you're suffering from bloating, fatigue, joint pains, diarrhoea, nausea or unexplained vomiting, you may be having a negative reaction to food as a result of an undiagnosed intolerance.

If you suspect you have a food allergy, or even if you're just feeling unusually tired and want to discount food intolerance as a cause, our specialist allergy and intolerance clinic can help. Through targeted testing we can flush out any undiagnosed food allergies and give you nutritional and dietary advice on how to manage your condition.

Our allergy and intolerance investigative procedures include:

  • Skin Prick Testing
  • Blood Testing
  • Food Elimination Diet

How can our treatments help?

  • Helps identify undiagnosed food intolerances
  • Tests that yield results in minutes
  • Clinical advice and nutritional guidance
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