Health Checks

What can our consultations do for you?

Health checks aren't just a case of determining your current levels of fitness. They're an important tool that medical practitioners use to detect the early signs of debilitating chronic illnesses, such as the onset of diabetes, stroke, dementia, and heart and kidney disease.

It's not pleasant to think about our health diminishing as we age, or what the future of our quality of life may hold, but early detection is the key to long-term prevention. Which is why it's so important, no matter what your age, to undergo a health check once a year. Particularly if you have a family history of debilitating medical diseases, as you're automatically at a higher risk of developing these yourself.

At PDC our health checks consist of a comprehensive series of non-invasive tests, to gather data that enables our GPs to make an accurate assessment of your present and likely future health. From monitoring your cholesterol levels and cardiac function to creating an iron stores profile and BMI review. These tests may seem straightforward and simple, but the results we uncover can positively impact your life, and dramatically alter the course of your future well-being for the better. Isn't that worth a once yearly visit?

What our Health Checks include

  • Annual health review 
  • Assessment of lung function
  • Immune profile
  • Lipid & cholesterol profile
  • Diabetes screening
  • Blood Pressure check
  • Iron stores profile 
  • Thyroid function
  • Kidney and liver function, 
  • Full system enquiry 
  • Prostate and testicular exam (men)
  • Assessment of cardiac function
  • Weight management - BMI review
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